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What Not To Flush Down The Toilet

Everyone knows a blockage in our wastewater system is a headache! We also know that it usually comes from something that shouldn’t be flushed down the toilet…being flushed down the toilet! We’re all guilty of throwing things down the toilet when we know we shouldn’t be.

Here are some things NOT to flush down the toilet…even when they may seem obvious!

Baby Wipes

Half of the blockages come from wipes! A fact to note…wipes don’t break down! Even when the packet says flushable, you really shouldn’t be flushing them down the toilet! They don’t disintegrate the way toilet paper does. If you’re using baby wipes, or wipes of any sort, it’s really important to throw them in the rubbish bin instead!


Hair needs to be kept away from the toilet! It all gets stuck together causing a form of net in your drain and creates a blockage. Doesn’t sound too good, does it!? We wouldn’t be surprised if you start smelling some bad odours due to hair blockages. They trap other particles and don’t let them go through the pipes!

Menstrual Products

Menstrual products like pads, tampons etc. are created to absorb water, not to break down in it! As they absorb water, the products expand so you can only imagine what they’re doing in your plumbing system. It’s important to dispose of any menstrual products in the rubbish bin.

Chewing Gum

You wouldn’t think that chewing gum will cause any plumbing issues but it sure does! That little bit of chewing gum is like glue when it gets stuck in your pipes. It blocks the flow of the water going down your pipes and could potentially have things get stuck to it (those items you shouldn’t be flushing down the toilet!)


Yes, food is biodegradable but it doesn’t break down straight away! And whilst it’s just sitting in your pipes it could cause so many problems and clogs in your plumbing system. It’s best to keep food away from the toilet.


Do not flush medication down the toilet! We repeat, NOT down the toilet! Toilet water does not break down medication properly. The medication then gets into the water and can really cause toxic environmental effects which we all don’t want!


You might think this is general knowledge because of the size of a nappy but we still see them when our customers call us saying their pipes are blocked! When put in water, nappies expand so you can only imagine the blockage they will cause. Keep these ones in the bin, ladies and gentleman!

Cooking Fats & Oils

A majority of blockages in our wastewater system come from cooking fats and oils turning into solids when thrown down the sink or toilet. Throwing these down the toilet creates the same effect as throwing them down the sink! Our tip to you – just don’t do it!

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