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How To Fix A Running Toilet

A running toilet is a problem you don’t want to have! It not only wastes a lot of water, but it also racks up your water bill. Let’s also mention that dripping sound that you’ll have to deal with which will surely become a nuisance. Fixing a running toilet should be high on the agenda and is something you can fix yourself. Here are some easy steps on how to fix a running toilet:

  1. Check the flapper

To determine if the flapper is the issue, you’ll need to test it. Use a stick to push down on the flapper when you hear the toilet running. If you hear the running water stop, the flapper isn’t sealing as it should. Your problem of a running toilet could be as simple as replacing the flapper.

  1. Check the fill valve

Here we want to see if the running water is a problem due to a leak from the fill valve. To test this, flush your toilet and check if you can see a fill valve leak. Lift up the float arm as the tank is filling and check if the water has stopped. Once the water level is just below the top of the overflow pipe, adjust the float arm so the tank stops filling. If it continues to leak, your fill valve needs to be replaced.

  1. Check the water level

If the water level in your toilet is too high, you may have water constantly being drained into the overflow tube. This could cause the running of the toilet and if not fixed quickly, could lead to major water damage.

If you’re still having problems with your running toilet, give our friendly team a call on 03 9909 5307 for advice. We are experts in the field and have over 15 years of experience servicing Melbourne wide.

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