24 hour Plumber in Melbourne: How can I detect and repair water leaks and blocked drains?

Plumbing issues are inevitable and happen to everyone at one point or another, a reliable plumber is always handy to have on call, especially a 24-hour plumber for any time-critical/emergency issues that may arise. In Melbourne’s unpredictable weather especially, having local services that also offer gas plumbing services is very important.


water leak melbourne plumber

Water leaks can be tricky, some of the most common questions include “How to detect a water leak?”, “How to repair a water leak?” and “How to detect a roof leak?”.

To detect a water leak:

  • Ensure there is no running water inside or outside of the house
  • Check the water meter to see if the leak indicator is showing signs of a leakage.
  • If it does not show right away that there are signs of a leak, another option is to not use water in or outside of the house for a few hours
  • Compare the meter reading between when water was last being used and just before it is turned back on again.

If a leak is found, the next step is to determine whether the leak is inside our outside of the house.

Turning off the main valve will help to determine whether the leak is inside or outside by using the same method as previously mentioned:

  • Check the leak indicator or keep the main valve shut off and compare the readings.

In this process, if there is no movement this means the leak is internal. Many internal plumbing jobs can be done DIY, however, it is usually better to call local plumbers if DIY is not the best option.

One of the easiest ways to determine if a roof is leaking is by inspecting the home for any water stains on the ceilings and on the walls. Roof leaks can be problematic as a small leak can have a domino effect and turn into many larger problems for homes such as:

  • damaging the ceiling and insulation,
  • the mould may start to grow and become a health hazard,
  • the framing and sheathing may rot, weakening the structure of the house.

Leaks can usually be traced back to their source by following the trail that has been left behind, such as stains, mould and watermarks (which may even be black in colour).

Roof leaks also, may not be as simple as merely following the damage to a hole where water is seeping through, many leaks require searching. This is easiest done if there is access to the attic/roof of the house (which many Melbourne homes do) as some leaks can be to the side of or above where it has been indicated due to the water travelling.

The most common reason a roof may leak is due to a puncture somewhere in the structure of the roof. These punctures are usually caused by common household projects and additions such as:

  • dormers
  • vents
  • chimneys
  • plumbing
  • anything that stands elevated or upright.

Depending on the findings, leaks should be addressed by a specialist of the issue i.e. if the issue is a plumbing issue, contact your local Melbourne plumber.

Water Damage and How To Detect It In Homes

detect water damage melbourne plumber

Common issues with home inspections and new houses in Melbourne is that many people do not know what to look for when searching for traces of water damage. There are a few signs to look out for:

  • Simple signs - odour, discolouration, changes in textures/patches
  • Check the exterior of the house for obvious damage and puddles, puddles could mean blocked gutters and blocked drains/poor drainage
  • Check ceilings/walls for stains, cracks and patches, this includes window and door frames
  • Check the floors for patches of discolouration and changes in the texture
  • Check any pipe or drain where possible, for leaks, water stains, corrosion, disrupted caulking/seal/grout. Also, check the water heater for rust or puddles
  • Check the attic/roof for signs of leaks, stains or mould, the insulation also should be in dry/good condition, check around the flashing of walls, roof planes, chimneys and vents
  • Check the basement/garage for any patches, stains, cracks, rust, mould, and odours

With water damaged homes, the severity of the issue/damage will determine which steps need to be taken, the most severe being that insurance claims need to be made and plumbers will need to be called.

Whether you need a cheap plumber or an emergency plumber, you will need reliable plumbing for any job.

Blocked Drains and Toilets and Emergencies

blocked drains melbourne plumber

How to fix a blocked drain? There are some home remedies for this such as:

    • Flush the blockage out using hot water
    • Make a DIY cleaner (usually made from bicarbonate soda and vinegar)
    • Using a chemical drain cleaner (available at most supermarkets)
    • Using a plunger and some elbow grease
    • Using a drain snake/drain auger

Before any DIY plumbing, it is best to consult a professional and check any Melbourne plumbing regulations.

What to do if none of the above has solved the problem? It is best to contact local plumbers for any kind of blocked drains or toilet repair.

A blocked toilet, is essentially a blocked drain, although putting cleaners in toilets is not recommended, plungers and drain snake/drain auger are the best DIYs for toilets. Toilet plumbing by professional plumbing services is advised, especially if the blocked toilet is in a complex of any kind such as a residential complex (i.e.units or villas) as many Melbourne homes are.

Blocked drains, particularly in complexes can be more prone to emergencies and require an emergency plumber and/or a commercial plumber, especially if all the plumbing is connected.

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